Josh Norman 'didn't come here to be average,' feels pain of Redskins' past greats

Cornerback Josh Norman believes the Redskins have the ingredients to be successful. Daniel Kucin Jr./Icon Sportswire

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins corner Josh Norman understands the history of this franchise. He also knows the current group is letting down the players from the glory years.

At 5-8, the Redskins will miss the postseason. The best they can hope for is an 8-8 mark -- and a third straight year without a losing record. They haven’t done that since 1999-2001. But it’s not as if that would result in a postseason parade. Instead, they’ll end this year with a second consecutive season out of the playoffs.

“There are so many great people to come through here, so many legacies” Norman said. “Letting these guys down is gut-wrenching to me, and it’s hard to take and swallow. I feel their pain. But understand that when you’re a championship-caliber team, you know what that feeling is like. They know what that feeling is like. For them to come back and see us and how we’re doing, I know it makes their heart sad.”

The Redskins have lost two in a row and four of their last five since upsetting the Seattle Seahawks on the road last month.

Norman joined the Redskins last season after leaving a franchise, the Carolina Panthers, that was coming off a Super Bowl loss after the 2015 season (and currently is 9-4). The Redskins made Norman the NFL’s highest-paid corner at the time.

“This is about going to here and elevating this franchise,” Norman said. “They need it so badly. For years and years it’s been on an average course, been average to below average. Gosh, man, I didn’t come here to be average or below average. Spark some life into this thing and bring it up to where it needs to be, the glory days of the Hogs, the Capital Defense, that type of stuff. We have the ingredients here; it’s, what are you gonna do with it? There’s a lot of stuff I’ll keep to myself until that time comes, and when it does you’ll see it.”

Norman didn’t elaborate on what he meant by that last line; do not assume you know where it’s directed either (whether players or coaches). Regardless, he grasps what the Redskins mean to the area and the alumni.

“I feel for that because we’re in it right now,” he said. “Trying to give some hope and life to fans and anyone else out there. Check out the last three games and we’ll take it from there.”